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    Free, Unlimited Ringtones for your Android phone with Spotify Premium

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Default Ringtone

Easily set your ringtone for every incoming call! We respect system settings such as vibration and mute.

Contact Ringtones

Get creative and create matching ringtones for all of your contacts!

Create loops

Trim songs as you wish and create your custom ringtone loops!


Easily share your ringtones with your friends!

100% Free

Free - without a catch.


Enjoy a clean, ad-free enviroment as you are used to as a Spotify Premium subscriber!

Get more out of your Spotify Premium subscription!


Made out of need. No more illegal downloading or ripping just to get that ringtone.


Due to platform limitation we can not provide Unlimited Ringtones to all of you but that might change in the future.
Spotify Premium

In order for the app to work you will have to sign in using your Spotify premium account. For more information please check out Spotify.com

Android 4.0+ only

Unlimited Ringtones should work on most Android devieces running 4.0+. If however you encounter difficulties with your Android version or phone model please contact our support so we can fix the issue.

Internet connection

To connect and download from the Spotify service you need a working internet connection.